Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • Dhundhun
    06-12 06:59 PM
    ... pre adjudicated and other than NC everything looks good.

    I think, pre-adjudicated means every thing ready and waiting for Visa Number, so you need not worry - Whether EAD/AP renewal bothering you?

    Within four months of processing time passing the RD, case is pre-adjudicated - I mean, when they were trying to give you GC, DOS did not reply with your Green Card Number (exhausted). I think USCIS is not delaying your case. If I were you, I would wait.

    However many of us recommended to followup aggressively at various levels. It is up to you.

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  • wandmaker
    03-16 06:47 PM
    My company informed me today that, when spouse is added to the insurence, the insurence will start from day 1 of next month. My wife will be comming in the middle of month. How to cover this gap with insurence...?? Any suggestions...????

    Please correct your profile

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  • iptel
    07-18 05:19 PM
    I agree with Dixie. I feel there is no point in seeing visa bulletin or calculating date for EB3 until some law passes.

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  • adusumilli
    12-06 09:32 AM
    I am in the same boat and my case was filed on apr 3 and mine is eb3 nebraska.
    even my employer opened a service request.


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  • kartikiran
    11-11 11:56 AM
    Almond, even i used to think "so close and yet so far". but now have understood, i was never close to begin with...:(
    it is better to accept the reality than trying to live with fool's gold like i did for about 2-3 years...
    So close and yet so damn far.

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  • gc_chahiye
    09-17 02:35 AM
    I am working with Company B on H-1b. My GC labor, I-140, I-485 and EAD is filed by Company A. Now, I am close to getting EAD in few weeks. Few say that once EAD is approved, then I have start working for Company A immediately. Others say that GC and EAD is for future employment with Company A and hence, I should start working for Company A only after GC is approved.

    So, I have two questions and need advice.

    1. When should I start working for Company A, upon approval of EAD or approval of GC.
    Ideally, I would like to start working for Company A upon approval of GC.

    2. Even, if I want to transfer EAD to Company B, the job title differs as the job title on GC is more junior than the current role.

    Please let me know if anyone has similar situation and need what the reality is when EAD is approved.


    you dont need to start working for the company that sponsored your GC until you get the GC. If USCIS ever sends an RFE that company needs to confirm to USCIS that the job offer is open to you and provide a copy of the offer letter (it should match the LC). Your intent to work for that company on getting a GC should also be obvious (ie. if you currently make 5X what that company is offering for the GC job, you might have to convince the IO that you really intend to take up that offer).

    In the meantime you can do whatever you want at company B, either on H1 or on EAD.


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  • satishku_2000
    08-15 03:30 PM
    My 485 was filed on july 2nd, have'nt recieved the RN,Now i want to file for EAD/AP without RN (cos need it badly for my wife) but the lawyer is advicing against it. He says...

    My concern in filing the EAD/AP applications without the I-485 Receipt Notice is that it will take USCIS a long time to marry the files together, and that much longer to adjudicate, versus filing the EAD/AP applications with the I-485 Receipt Notice. In the latter case, the application can stand on its own, in that USCIS does not have to "search" for any other file; in this instance, we suspect USCIS will adjudicate these applications faster.

    Anyone in the same boat..

    I want to file for EAD and TD and dont have receipts yet and have been sending emails to attorney office everyday about RNs. Looks like they are busy with Aug 17th deadline and they have not got back to me yet. My lawyer dint say anything about RNs but I thought it would be nice to file for EAD and TD with 485 receipt notice so that the case would be str8forward .

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  • now2know
    May 18th, 2005, 07:21 AM
    I just realized that I didn't explain what HDR is- The idea is to take a series of more or less 10 photos with different shuttle speeds and then composite them into one unique image that will capture all the light effect due of the high range of the natural light.


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  • jambapamba
    08-03 07:34 PM
    Hi experts,

    Can someone help me in this regards. Awaiting eagerly for ur expert comments.


    Now I see why you keep asking the same started the thread.

    Ok, here you go...
    1. It doesn't matter how many years experience you have. Unless the job requires EB2 level requirements, you cannot apply EB2. If the job has the requirements and your education/exp match that...then you are EB2.
    2. To your question yes you can file new EB2 without affecting your 485. Now, the problems you would face are at Labor and 140 stage trying to prove that your new job reqs are significantly different from the original. After that, changing 485 is not diffcult...(even if it's approved).

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  • saint_2010
    07-11 04:33 PM
    Hello All,

    Just received in mail - 2 Year EAD card for me and my wife. Valid till July 2010. I have e-filed myself for both of us. Still waiting for AP docs.


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  • factoryman
    06-22 12:33 PM
    be aware. All these PDF editing tools leave a watermark - "Draft" or "Trial Version".

    They are totally useless.

    Earlier trial Adobe 7.0 Professional did give edit and save. Not 8.0

    Bottonline: don't waste time or by 8.0 for USD 1800 or so. Or use one who has PDF editors (Admins etc)

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  • saimrathi
    07-07 10:33 PM
    So more ppl can be informed... Its not spamming.. ;)

    Why you are spamming all the thread with the same message. We already have two thread for this video


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  • dpp
    08-18 12:09 PM
    that was expected. 300K * 1.7(average family size according to USCIS) = Approx. 500K

    They clearly said estimated 300K received. This 300K estimate includes all I-485 petitions, do not confuse and speculate incorrect info.

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  • eb3retro
    09-11 11:48 PM

    We need to understand that we have chosen a tough but worthy effort in the form of this forum. As such it may be depressing to see the slow movement in DC.

    We should not be setting ourselves some timelines like the ones stated in this email thread, and then feel depressed about seeing no positive results within that timeline...there are too many factors outside our control to do anything like that...

    I think we are better off than we where we were last year, when the awareness was nil, and that backlog legislation only favored the RNs and the PTs, while we saw ourselves powerless...

    Lets help the core team..and not get depressed over short timelines...I see light at the end of our efforts...may not be phenomenal..but I am sure it will make a difference...for each of us...


    well said gcmania, I like your attitude.


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  • Karthikthiru
    04-13 01:32 PM
    it is nice to see people with older priority dates are getting approved. At least USCIS is working in proper order rather than in wild pattern

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  • pappu
    10-02 07:08 PM
    I was also lucky to meet one of their executive editors to whom I explained the issues posed by retrogression. He was very supportive but informed that he has been hearing from the other side as well.( I guess from NumbersUSA).
    We too should be pro-active in campaigning to media about our valid cause.

    I just sent the following E-mail to the Information Week Editors.
    Sub:Your help requested for Skilled IT wokers to get their greencards
    Dear Mr.McGee,

    pls do not forget to mention immigration voice name in your letter so that the reporter can contact Iv for any further information.


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  • Googler
    07-18 08:31 PM
    Clockwork and others please note that the pdf version of the Standard Operating Procedure is from 9/28/01 -- a lot has changed since.

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  • JazzByTheBay
    08-01 08:38 PM
    ... would be to outsource the mundane clerical work to a more efficient *on-shore* processing firm, and web-enable most services, remove repetitive submission of same documents with every single application, and provide customer access to his/her immigration profile & docs online (so we don't have to carry around the history of our lives on paper.... wherever we move... ).


    It would probably be OK... but as you've rightly guessed, and given the fact that USCIS hasn't really outlined any plans to demonstrate how the extra money will be spent and whether it will guarantee better and faster service measured by a dramatic reduction in processing times, this money is probably going towards enforcement.

    It's probably DHS getting the money (not USCIS directly - the checks I wrote were for DHS, iirc).


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  • lonedesi
    06-02 08:55 PM
    The video clip has been posted on the website and the link is

    Great job IV and Pratik !!!

    06-12 05:14 PM
    I actually sent evl instead of paystubs. I cant produce paystubs because I am not currently working with them
    2 options..

    use EAD and join new empolyer .

    If u dont have EAD another h1 Transfer

    02-01 09:59 AM
    You did substitude and want to keep that PD. ...:p

    But you wont be able to do so....:D

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