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  • dilbert_cal
    07-10 12:17 AM
    USCIS do call the company, a friend of mine who already got his GC, USCIS called the company in India to confirm the employment.

    Thanks IndianIII - It is always possible that USCIS may check the employment details and in this particular case, since the company is closed, they would want alternate proof that you did work there. They might want an affidavit from your co-worker if possible as well. So, be prepared on those grounds.

    Thanks once again IndianIII for contributing to the forums.

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  • sandyn16
    02-25 11:44 AM
    You need to have a SSN or ITIN

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  • va_dude
    03-07 01:21 PM
    1. yes, if u use ac21, you can get ur h1 transferred too or opt to use your ead.

    2. when u start new employment u fill out an I-9 form and will provide your ead at that time. It basically means you are using your ead for employment, which will automatically invalidate your h1b visa. so i don't think you can do the transfer at a later time.

    3. no idea

    4. no idea

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  • spbpsg
    08-07 10:27 AM
    This thread brought me same laughter as what I had yesterday after reading Lion-Monkey visa joke is another thread 'Lighthen up'. When this thread owner is accepting his mistake then there is no need to embarrass him more.

    Guys take is light...


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  • Sachin_Stock
    09-03 01:21 PM
    Other EB2 threads have so much rejoicing going on, that we Eb3 folks are virtually left out as orphans!:mad:

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  • mhtanim
    10-28 03:29 PM
    You should apply for a SSN. If you find a job, the employer will ask you to fill-up a W4 Form. To set you up in company payroll, SSN would be a requirement.

    Also, as some other people have mentioned, even if you don't plan to work, you should still get a SSN to establish your credit history.

    Applying for a SSN and getting it and has NO impact on your immigration status.


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  • Raj Iyer
    09-23 04:00 PM

    In that scenario, you must the start the process all over again if you leave the company. You can retain the priority date of the approved I-140 petition.

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  • GCWhru
    11-15 02:13 PM
    I think there is nothing called State chapter link.. we have to come together and form a group.

    Please reply to this thread and express your interest to join TN chapter.

    I will consolidate.


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  • gc_buddy
    12-02 01:06 AM
    We got an RFE on my wife's I-485 requesting for copy of marriage certificate. Our priority date is August 2005. ND is September 05, 2007.

    Anyone else in the same boat? Does this mean USCIS has began processing the 2005 apps?

    Not really. There appears to be no orderly fashion. My PD is June 2007 EB2. I got an RFE on My I 485 in May 2008.

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  • sanjay02
    04-17 01:48 AM
    Which state are you in? In CA you can drive till one year with foreign license. In case there is a traffic violation , or for some reason he breaks a red light the fines are 3 times the regular fine since he wont hold a USA license.

    Also the insurance companies have different requirements which you need to confirm with them.


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  • SGP
    12-11 04:09 PM
    Is upgrading to premium actually an upgrade of the existing case or is it just a new application filed under premium?

    Upgrading to Premium is actually an upgrade of existing case. It is NOT a new application. You have to pay the premium processing fees though. It feels like being back home, asking to push the file up. You know what I am trying to say.

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  • sagittarian
    12-19 10:32 AM

    Did your wife work before in India? How did fortune500 apply for H1?Did they attach client letter during H1 application?
    Hi Uma001,

    Yes, she did work in India for 3 years. She got a full-time job opportunity with a fortune 500. It is direct employment.


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  • alparsons
    January 1st, 2005, 02:22 PM
    Hi Gary,
    As you discovered strobe is hard to work with for tricky product shots, and glassware can be tricky. I would switch to a floodlight bounced off the ceiling as a starting point. Possibly tinkering with the reflectors to get a little more sparkle in the front would improve it somewhat, as would placing hidden pieces of something to have the transmitted portion of the glass brightened a little. To soften the edge of the highlights try opening the lens to a wider aperature so the reflections are out of focus (gets a little tricky as it probably needs to be stoped down enough to maintain the sharpness of the glass itself.

    You probably don't need to spend much on equipment (maybe $5 each for a couple hardware store flood reflectors or a couple bucks for a little more poster board. Maybe 50 cents for a pack of 3x5 cards to cut up to hide behind the glassware , or maybe the gray side of scraps of duct tape might look better)

    The basic approach that works best when it must look superb is usualy to lock everything down, shoot it, evaluate, make incremental changes, and reshoot. and sometimes repeat.

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  • Sreeshankar
    08-01 10:06 PM
    I guess, what Mr/Ms Desertfox has mentioned makes clear sense. It is better to have the I-94 with the valid parole stamp, when applying for FAFSA. One can go outside/re-enter and obtain the parolee or Paroled in to US stamp. Please consult with your attorney also, since the full details of your case is known to the attorney. Thanks.


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  • Aura M.
    03-24 03:40 PM
    My answer might be a little too pessimistic but I actually filed an appeal for a denied LC in Sep 2006. and as of today I still haven't heard from them. we tried calling and emailing them but they keep asking us to wait and they will get to it.

    sorry and good luck. please keep me updated if you hear something from them.

    Have you hear anything from your appeal? Please let me know.
    Thank you.

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  • wizkid732
    08-26 07:50 AM
    Hi Thanks for the reply,
    I applied for on a labor substitution in mid 2005 which was denied as the same labor was applied to other cases (thanks to the employer). That was fraud and no fault of ours. Many of the folks int he same boat then have obtained their GC.

    I think I am the "Chosen One" for investigation :-)

    Did you ever had problem in getting VISA or your case was sent for further review because of security reasons? I just want to understand if there were any abnormalities in your any visa approval(s).

    All the best. Hope you become green and recyclable (job wise) soon :)


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  • ultimate_champ
    11-27 11:22 AM
    Thanks. I will let you all know what happens after i speak to my immigration dept and the lawyer.

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  • arnet
    10-23 07:21 PM
    My EAD card (renewal) has data entry error, it is USCIS mistake, so called them and they asked me to file new EAD application and send with this card to the center where it got approved. they asked me to send new EAD application with card (but no filing fee) and if it is not their problem and if it mine, then they will ask for the filing fee.

    Did anyone had this experience before? please let me know the procedure, thanks.

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  • cbpds
    05-17 04:50 PM
    how convenient, she didnt need to pay or wait for CIR.
    Some people are only too powerful and influential that others

    CLEVELAND � A U.S. immigration court has granted asylum to President Barack Obama's African aunt, allowing her to stay in the country, her attorneys announced Monday.

    The decision was mailed Friday and comes three months after Kenya native Zeituni Onyango, the half-sister of Obama's late father, testified at a closed hearing in Boston, where she arrived in a wheelchair and two doctors testified in support of her case.

    Onyango plans to apply for a work visa and can apply for a green card after she gets it, her attorneys said.

    The basis for her asylum request was never made public. People who seek asylum must show that they face persecution in their homeland on the basis of religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership in a social group.

    "The asylum process is confidential and she wants to keep it that way, so we can't get into details on why the judge granted asylum or the exact basis for her claim," said her attorney Scott Bratton. He added: "She doesn't want people to feel sorry for her."

    Another lawyer, Margaret Wong of Cleveland, said last year that Onyango first applied for asylum "due to violence in Kenya." The East African nation is fractured by cycles of electoral violence every five years.

    Medical issues also could have played a role. In a November interview with The Associated Press, Onyango said she was disabled and was learning to walk again after being paralyzed from Guillain-Barre syndrome, an autoimmune disorder.

    Onyango moved to the United States in 2000. Her first asylum request was rejected, and she was ordered deported in 2004. But she didn't leave the country and continued to live in public housing in Boston.

    Onyango's status as an illegal immigrant was revealed just days before Obama was elected in November 2008. Obama said he did not know his aunt was living here illegally and believes laws covering the situation should be followed.

    A judge later agreed to suspend her deportation order and reopen her asylum case.

    Wong has said that Obama wasn't involved in the Boston hearing. Obama spokesman Nick Shapiro said Monday that the White House had no involvement in the case at any point in the process.

    In his memoir, "Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance," Obama affectionately referred to Onyango as "Auntie Zeituni" and described meeting her during his 1988 trip to Kenya.

    Onyango helped care for the president's half brothers and sister while living with Barack Obama Sr. in Kenya.

    03-28 10:23 AM
    For my recent H1B extention for 7th year extention, I have come across strange situation.
    My old H1B was valid till 5th Feb 2007. Extention was applied in Jan 2007 with approved I-140. Recently I have received approved H1B extention with new I-94, but it states validity is from 22 March 2007 to 5th Feb 2010.

    I thought the extention should have been from 6th Feb 2007 to 5th Feb 2010.

    what should be infered from above ? Does it mean that I was out of ststus fron 6th Feb 2007 till 21st March 2007.

    I would appereciate any input on this.
    If this makes me out of status , is there a way to fix this by contacting USCIS again ?


    I don't think you were out of status as you filed before your previous H1 expires.

    02-09 01:39 PM
    Both the H1b have the same president's name and address during the application. is that enough. As I left that company and have no good terms with the last company anymore I don't know what kind of proof I can get. Also during the H1b application for Company A I receive some paper from the compnay that mentioned that the payroll of Company B is processed by Company A. All my W2's are from company A even i was working for company B.

    Please advice

    You have to somehow prove to USCIS that company A and C are subsidiaries and mere mentioning that they have been owned by the same person may not fly. You need some kind of proof on paper.

    This is just one suggestion , ofcourse you have to talk to a lawyer before doing anything.

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