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  • gene77
    08-20 03:51 PM
    I'm a Jul 02 filer and I received the 485 and 765 notices recently.

    However, the PRIORITY DATE cell in receipts for both 485 & 765 is BLANK. Is this the usual practice? Shouldn't my PD be populated on these receipt notices?



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  • sgorla
    01-29 06:37 PM
    You should not have any problem at the port of entry as long as you have a valid H1B visa stamp in your passport, and have a new H1B approval notice from the new employer.

    I have little different problem here, I got my approval in 7 cal days so which is good and now I have start working with new employer so all good..

    Now new employer wants me travel to Europe for some official work for 1 week and since my passport stamp is on my old employer and approval notice is new employer so do you guys think it would be an issue?

    please let me know what all document etc I should carry during re entry?
    appreicated your help.


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  • martinvisalaw
    06-29 10:30 AM
    Thank you so much Elaine for your quick response..

    So am I correct to assume that there is no need to renew the I-94 if one enters using the AP.. I am myself also planning to use my AP for re-entry later this year, but have the H1-B approval valid till 2011, so was a little confused as to if I would be needed to renew my new I-94 if it is issued for 1 year based on AP..

    Your H-1B stays valid for as long as it is approved, even if you enter using AP.

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  • pranju
    08-03 10:18 PM
    exactly then y people from july 2 are not still getting their reciept notices


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  • hopesoon
    09-02 12:39 PM
    I am EB3 (Aug 07) because of my lawyer�s mistake; but in June they asked for further medical testing, it can be a good sign they are looking into EB3.

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  • geesee_99
    12-14 12:00 PM
    Any more Ideas/Advise guys?


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  • dante1271
    08-26 12:58 PM
    My H1B extension was filed just one day before my I-485 was sent to NSC last July. I was able to get 3 years extension ...my company paid for premium processing though... I think you should be ok with filing the extension. Talk to your lawyer...
    This is not correct. you can apply for 1 year extensions if you have applied for 485 and is pending.

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  • agc2005
    10-26 11:02 AM
    July 2nd filer, checks cashed on 10/16, still online status not available.


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  • logiclife
    12-03 12:02 AM
    Please name your thread appropriately, dont make it look like an ad for caregiver. Also, you are going to need an attorney for this and you will not be able to get your problem solved with forum posts.

    I am going to allow this thread as we have allowed H4 related and visitor visa related threads for people before, and all visitors visa thread are non-immigrant visa related thread even if they are for parents of EB immigrants.

    And please ... no more arguments between "This forum is overly Indian/Chinese" versus "This forum is not so".

    There is a naturally high number of posts about indians/chinese because retrogression victims from India and China outnumber rest of the world proabably 8 to 1.

    -- Admin

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  • anilsal
    12-18 05:27 PM
    I always call them and tell them that I am not. Based on my car records, they send the jury notice each time.

    I do not think there is a need to send a copy of passport.


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  • eb3India
    11-30 11:44 AM

    I am new to Indiana, letz join here to discuss and promote IV in Indiana area, I am currently in Indianapolis, please post if you are in Indiana state and interested in IV

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  • Gravitation
    08-02 09:33 AM
    Congress has gone into unscheduled recess till Sept 8th. Then it'll be too close to elections. Once new congress is seated, all bills introduced before then will not have any standing. So, let's be realistic and not get too excited.


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  • Libra
    09-15 10:21 PM

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  • manishcp
    06-02 08:08 AM


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  • istrategist
    03-19 10:54 PM
    First round of interviews went well - now have to send my details to their HR to make sure EB2 porting will work.

    However, does filing AC21 (same or similar) cause a conflict with EB2 filing in this case? Should they file and get I-140 approved and then only I should join them?

    1. Make sure that your new company's HR and lawyer are comfortable in supporting the fact that new job is same or similar to old job. It is a grey area and you can be the best judge on it.

    2. When you join the new employer ask their attorney to send AC-21 letter to USCIS indicating that you have moved to a same or similar job based on AC-21 porting.

    3. Filing for H1 or EAD is a personal choice - as far as GC processing goes I don't see a difference in using either.

    4. If they are willing and and the position qualifies you to file EB-2 and port PD- sure go ahead.

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  • psk79
    05-28 12:29 AM
    from my understanding it wil start right away.. which means we will loose some time overlapping between the EAD's.


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  • immiadvise
    12-30 03:11 PM
    hi All,

    i'm new to this forum.please advice on my situation.

    I was on F1 earlier and now I am on H1b from jan 2007.
    I am the first person for whom company filed H1B and got approved.
    I am the only person on my companies payroll and only person on their H1B. Is that going to be a probelm if i go for H1B stamping to mexico?
    If i go for stamping to mexico, What sort of questions i will be asked?

    Please help me ...


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  • Googler
    07-18 10:13 PM
    Hi Googler,
    Please read 485 standard operating procedure along with uscismanual. uscis manual is the latest update/modify. If anyone know updates after september 2006, please post on this thread. Thanks -


    The SOP --i.e. the step by step procedure given here in your 485 Stand Proc file (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=138&d=1184798238) is badly outdated -- for example there is no mention of these horrifying name checks, how they are initiated, how they follow up(what is described there is the old version of background checks, none of that applies any more; the service center information is outdated etc etc.)
    I think your "uscismanual" file is captured in the current CIS AFM (see link in Andy Garcia's post above) but it is not a step by step SOP, again there is no mention of security checks etc. As far as I know there is no publicly available version of the current SOP.

    I wanted to point this out in case people go away thinking the world is still operating as described in that badly outdated file.

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  • Saralayar
    05-18 09:26 PM
    Hello Freinds.

    After a long wait of 8 years today i got an RFE i don't know what the RFE is all about and will be waiting to get the letter in the mail, do you know how much time does it takes for the paper RFE to come to your lawyer.

    RFE was issued today but unlike the email which i got says the status on hold, thats strange


    is this normal or is this is an indication of something wrong and bad.

    Please do advice gurus

    Best Regards

    Did you recieve your RFE?. Please share the details so that we can have an idea of what types of RFEs are coming from USCIS.

    01-14 07:54 PM
    1. She's eligible to get the I-94 expiry date as July 2008
    2. As 1 above, but even if she gets July 2007 there's no real difference; she's legally admitted till July 2008 (from the I-94 on the I-797) and for any travel post-July 2007, she'd need a visa stamp anyway.
    3. Since the re-entry is so close to the visa expiry, the POE officer may say something like "hmm...your visa is expiring in July 2007" which is a good time to show the new approval and get the later date. Otherwise also, it's prudent to show the new approval and get the updated I-94.

    I think we may have spoken about this , but here is my question :

    My wife has her passpot with visa stamped till June 2007 from my previous company. She has a new I-94 extended till 2008 July. She will be going to India in March and will be back in May (before June 2007 expiry of the visa on her passport). Here are my questions :

    1. Will at the port of entry she would get the June 2007 on her I-94 or the extension I-94 date of July 2008. I know it will depend on the POE officer, but I want to know what has been the experience of such cases...?

    2. In case she gets June 2007 on the I-94 at POE, can I get it corrected at the local CBP office to July 2008 after she is home here in US? Remember it's not a mistake by the POE officer but he/she giving preference to visa stamp and not the extension paper ?

    3 Does it make sense for my wife to remind before hand about the extension at the POE and argue it ? Has anybone done that and is it safe ?

    08-16 11:56 AM

    I am currently holding L1 and B1 visa from a company A. Now some company B has applied for my H1 Visa. If I get H1b visa, does both L1 and B1 get cancelled.


    Yes...When you go for stamping H1...other visas will be cancelled.

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